March 2020
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You will learn–the real identity of the MAGI, the probable date of Jesus birth, new details about King Herod, what was the ‘star’ the magi were following, and The Lunar Eclipse of Josephus, and much more.

Contains original word for word script and narration of Griffith Observatory’s original BETHLEHEM STAR Christmas Show. This program ran for over 20 years, and portions of this research have appeared in over 300 planetarium Christmas programs worldwide. Illustrated.

Please note these favorable reviews from astronomers, historians, theologians and scientists worldwide.

“Wow! excellent handle on the voluminous historical materials relevant to the period.” – BTS Booklist

“Because of Martin’s research, Griffith Observatory will present an entirely revised show.” – John Mosley, Astronomer, Planetarian Journal

“All neatly tied up, with other interesting speculations...Martin’s reconstructions read convincingly.” – W.H.C. Frend, Journal of Ecclesiastical History

“Professor Martin has presented a reasoned argument which deserves to be considered seriously.” – Prof.F.F.Bruce University of Manchester, UK

“It is not often that we see the demise of an astronomical theory that dates back to pre-telescopic times, Yet a theory first proposed by none other than the famous astronomer Johannes Kepler himself, and generally accepted as correct for over three and a half centuries, is now being discarded ... `{`by`}` the new historical search of Dr.Ernest Martin,” – Astronomer John Mosely Writing in the Griffith Observer

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“Martin has rewritten the history of this period, clearing up a slew of nagging problems. Prominent classical historians are taking his work very seriously. An importial referee would probably conclude that Martin’s chronology is correct. Because of Martin’s research, Griffith Observatory will present an entirely revised show.” − John Mosely Writing in Griffith Observatory’s The Christmas Star

“Convincing chronological conclustions ... Martin’s arguments are very persuasive.” − Prof Jack Finegan, Author Handbook of Biblical Chronolory

“New light has been thrown on the date of the nativity ... Martin tackles the historical problems convincingly.” – Prof. John Thorley, Author When Was Jesus Born?

“Of all the theories currently clustering around the Christmas star, I believe Martin’s may be the most plausible.” - Richard Schneider, Editor Guideposts Magazine

“The accounts of Josephus and the entire history of the period (the Nativity) have been reassessed recently, with important news results, by Dr. Ernest Martin, whose book The Star that Astonished the World, has become the authoritative source on the subject.” - Dr. Craig Chester, Astronomer Monterey Planetary Research Institute Imprimis Magazine